Bible Classes

Autumn 2018

Ladies’ Bible and Prayer Class

Wed. night 7:00 p.m. All ladies of all ages are invited to join us on most Wednesday evenings for a special time of study and prayer. This class was begun as a result of a recognition of a growing need for a more prayerful connection with God, Christ and each other. Whether you have been participating from the start or have just begun to feel the “nudge” of the Spirit, please join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:00. Please call ahead for specific days/times, or if you will need child care.

New Bible Study and Luncheon

A new study group will meet on Thursday mornings at 10:30 a.m. at the RiverWalk building. All are invited. Click here to learn more about the time and subject of this study.

Adult Bible Classes Sunday Mornings

Young Adult Class

This class meets in the balcony classroom on Sunday mornings after worship service, and is open to young couples, singles, college students or young working people. Classes are led by different teachers, who have varying experiences and insights.  A discussion format is the preferred format for the class, so be prepared to contribute. Check with David Wertz or one of the young adults for more information.

Other Adult Classes

Fall 2018 ~ We are continuing the in-depth study of Romans taught by Curtis in the adult class from the summer study. 

Wednesday evening Adult Bible classes

Women’s prayer and Bible study classes described above.

Other Adults will be led by Jay Plank and others. The current period’s study is described as follows: “If you’ve read your Bible at all, you’ve probably come across things that Jesus said which stand out to you as being difficult or challenging. You may even think that some of what He is asking of us is just downright impossible, and you just wish Jesus hadn’t said those things. Because if Jesus is who we believe Him to be, and if He indeed said what He said, we have an obligation to do our best to fulfill His words of Godly wisdom and right living. “I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said That,” by Steve Timmis, is our resource for this class in addition to God’s Word.

Teen Bible Classes

Click on the link for information about these meeting times and subject.
Sunday and Wednesday

Children’s Bible Classes

  • Sundays ~ 10:45 a.m.
  • Wednesday ~ 7:00 p.m. (September – May)

Tuesday evening Bible Study

Jason Rew is leading an in-depth Bible study on Tuesday evenings. Please contact Jason for the time and location.

Adult Classes Summer 2017 ~ Interviews

Last summer we interviewed several people, both members and others.  We’ve left those interviews on the web page, below.  We think you’ll find them interesting, and in some cases, compelling.

June 4 ~~~ Terry and Liz Burr ~~~

June 11 ~~~ Josh Gribble ~~~

June 18 ~~~ Bob and Cindy Kay ~~~

June 25 ~~~ Amy Sears ~~~

July 9 ~~~ Jonathan Josendale ~~~

July 16 ~~~ Jason and Anna Rew ~~~

July 23 ~~~ Ashley Sinness ~~~

July 30 ~~~ Eric and Mallory Johnson ~~~

August 6 ~~~ Lorrie Bird ~~~

August 13 ~~~ Matt and Cassie Reese ~~~

August 20 ~~~ Trinna Heasty ~~~

August 27 ~~~ Chris and Ashley Purdum ~~~

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