Cradle Roll and Toddler Bible Class

True or False?

  • Babies can’t learn anything in Bible class because they are too little and Bible class is too “complicated”.
  • Cradle Roll and Toddler Bible classes are really just babysitting.
  • Only women can teach Cradle Roll and Toddler Bible class

All three statements are absolutely false!


Did you know?

  As soon as Baby can hold her head up she’s ready for Bible class (around 3months) and usually she stays awake watching and listening.

  By 6 months Baby is patting the Bible and holding the toys, bouncing along to the songs, and giving extra smiles during his favorite parts of class.

  By 9 months a Baby who has consistently been to Bible class knows the routine of getting and putting away toys with each song set and is interacting with the teacher.

  By 12 months Baby knows the order of what comes next and may start to sing along.

 By 15 months Baby is walking to class to himself because he loves it! Depending on his level of vocabulary, and physical maturity he may start to get a little bored and is ready to move up to the transitional toddler class.

 By 18 months Baby is ready to move to the toddler class.



How can you help?


Spread the word to families with babies, whether to members or visitors, and let them know that there is a class available for their infant and encourage them to check it out. Parents are always welcome to stay for class to see how their little one is doing, or there are monitors in the hall for checking in without distracting.

Take your turn to be a helper or a teacher. We find that after a few months of helping is plenty of time to learn the routine and be ready to fill in as a teacher as needed. The cradle roll schedule is based on what our teachers can do, whether that’s a full quarter or just a few weeks at a time. There is a learning CD available. Volunteering with your spouse or older child as helper makes for a great bonding time.

The transitional Toddler class is in the developing stage and you could help get lesson packets ready. If you are unable to commit to teaching perhaps you could help in this area which could be done anytime (not just Sunday mornings).


Check with the office if you have an interest in helping with this fun and rewarding class.