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May 21

Jonathon Reynolds

Senior Graduation Sunday

As is our custom at RiverWalk, this particular Sunday is dedicated to our graduating Seniors. Youth Minister, Jonathon Reynolds, will be presenting the current group of Seniors to the congregation, as well as sharing a special message for them.

May 28

Curtis Baker

Must We Choose Between Happiness and Holiness?

Here is an age old question: “Does God want us to be happy?” We are quite sure that God wants us to be holy, but many of us think that is something far different from happiness? But is there really a difference? Can we be truly holy without being happy? The dour reputation of some Christians often makes it look as if this is the case. But isn’t God also the most joyous being in the universe? And who could be holier than God? No one, of course…though some may try. This sermon will explore how the truly happy life is the truly holy life.