Current Sermon Series

October 7

Curtis Baker

Not Losing Heart:
Staying Faithful Through Failure and Suffering

Text: 2 Corinthians 4:1-15

Sometimes the work of God in the modern world can be quite discouraging. People seem to be turned off to our message, and we are constantly tempted to try different things in order to be “relevant” to people’s concerns today. Believe it or not, Paul faced similar discouragement in his ministry. He admits that even though he has received a ministry more glorious than that of Moses, still at times he is “perplexed” at why so many will not respond to the message. However, even though perplexed, Paul says that he does not despair. Despite failure and continual suffering, Paul says they do not lose heart.

Join us this Sunday as we explore what it means to stay faithful to God’s work, even through failure and suffering.

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