Current Sermon Series

August 19

Curtis Baker

“Father Hear the Prayer We Offer”

A Song about Courage in an Evil World

Text: Revelation 21:5-8

When you pray, what do you most often pray about? If you are like me, you may be tempted to pray for things that would serve as a blessing in your life. Perhaps you pray for prosperity. Perhaps you pray for comfort. Perhaps what your really desire is an easy life. While it is certainly good for us to pray for God’s blessing, we are also invited into an adventure in the Christian life, and that adventure requires courage. Our song this week teaches us that we cannot forever stay by the still waters, but must strike out into the desert to smite the rocks that stand in our way. Join us this week as we learn how to pray courageously from our next hymn, “Father , Hear the Prayer We Offer.”

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