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April 30
Curtis Baker

Why Baptism?

Have you ever wondered by why God asks us to be baptized to enter into the Christian family? Members of the church of Christ have long emphasized the need for a person to be baptized to be saved, and rightfully so, for this is the teaching of scripture. But have you ever thought to ask the deeper question: Why did God choose baptism, out of all the available options, to be the means of initiating us into a state of grace and into the family of God known as the church? This sermon will explore the roots of baptism in the Old Testament to see why God chose this moving ritual to be a crucial step in our faith journey.

The sermon: Why Baptism?

April 23
Curtis Baker

Can a Christian Suffer from Depression?

Join us as Curtis shares his very personal struggle with depression several years ago, how he was able to overcome its debilitating effects with spiritual and medical guidance. And how he is able to use that experience to better minister to those wrestling with the same pain

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The sermon: Can a Christian Suffer From Depression?

May 7
Jim Fly

What’s In It For Me

Sometimes people have not yet accepted the Gospel story because they have not yet received enough information about “what’s in it for me?” To an experienced Christian, this may seem odd. We already know about the benefits of heaven. We know about protection by angels. We know about the value of love and fellowship with fellow believers. We know about the freedom from condemnation and the forgiveness of sins.

In 1 Peter 3: 15, Peter reminds Christians to “always be ready” to share reasons for our hope, and to do so with gentleness and reverence. The lesson on May 7th will offer thoughts on sharing what’s in it for us and for the other people of this world.

May 14

Curtis Baker

Salvation Begins with our Mothers

It’s Mother’s Day, and while I won’t preach a sermon specifically about mothers every year (or fathers on Father’s Day, for that matter), since this is my first year at RiverWalk I thought I would say something about the crucial role many of our mothers play. For many of us, it is likely true that we are a part of the church today in large part because of the influence of our mothers. This sermon will look at the unique and creative ways in which scripture teaches about the uniqueness of our mothers in the role of salvation.

The Sermon: Salvation Begins with our Mothers