Loftin Apologetics

Definition of “apologetics” ~ the branch of theology concerned with the defense or proof of Christianity.

Some writers believe that the science or discipline of Apologetics goes all the way back to New Testament writers, as they anticipate and answer objections and seek to demonstrate the credibility of the claims and credentials of Christ, focusing especially on the resurrection of Jesus as the historical foundation upon which Christianity is built. Many New Testament writings are occupied with polemics against false teachings, in which the apologetic concern is to defend the gospel against perversion from within the church.

During various periods of Christian history, Apologetics has continued to be used as a means to defend or prove that the Christian theology is true, current even today.

Landon Loftin has recently begun an introduction of Apologetics at RiverWalk Church of Christ. Please feel free to listen to and share the attached recording of the first meeting of those interested in this topic.