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Online Church Directory

Please note: This directory is to be used only by the RiverWalk family. If you have not received your username and/or password, please contact the office at 316-265-9653 or by email at To access the directory, please click on the link above. Directions for using this directory are below. For those who do not want to use the digital format, we will still have copies available in the office. BUT, you can print all or a portion of the directory at home, too, if you wish.

(Note from Liz Burr: If we have forgotten to include you in this directory, PLEASE forgive us. It was simply an oversight while trying to get all of our members and families included, trolling Facebook for pictures, making sure names were spelled correctly. And if you see something that could be explained a little more clearly or additional information that could be expanded, just let us know. We also made the conscious decision to include young children’s pictures only with the family picture, rather than individually. We did spend a lot of time “oooohing” and “ahhhing” over the REALLY cute pictures of those precious ones, but we didn’t start including individual pictures until they were eligible for the youth group.)

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To Change Your Password (And please do this at once!):

  • Click on the “My Profile” tab
  • Change your password to something you can easily remember. Enter your new password in the password field and click “Update”. (Your password is encrypted and will not be visible to anyone, including church staff or administrators.)

To Update Your Profile:

  • Please verify that your information is correct and update, if necessary. Click “Update”.
  • Upload a photo. Click “Change Photo”, then “Upload New Photo.” Click “Choose a Photo,” size it so that it fills the box, and select “Save”. (Note by Liz: This is just a tad bit awkward at first because you bring the frame in to match the picture part you want, rather than changing the picture.)
  • Click on your Family name (below your photo). If there is no family photo, please upload a family photo (see instructions #2 above).
  • Please verify that your family information is correct, and update if necessary. Click Update.
  • Note that only you or your family member(s) can update your profile information. (And the directory administrators, Linda Griekspoor and Liz Burr.)

Mobile App

You can download the free mobile app by searching “CTRN Online Directory” at your app store. You will be asked for our mobile privacy code. It is RIVERWALKCHURCH. When the app opens, enter your username and password from above and select “Remember me”.