We Shall Behold Him

Jay Plank   

 It’s been awhile since I’ve written in this (or any) blog.  Sometimes the words come; sometimes they are miles away from my keyboard.  Today, however, I got on YouTube and listened to Sandi Patty sing the song I’ve reprinted below.  I haven’t much to say in addition to the song.  Enjoy the lyrics, check out YouTube for the performance of it by Sandy, and let the song speak to you of an incredibly glorious Day to come.


 We Shall Behold Him (written by Dottie Rambo)

The sky shall unfold preparing His entrance
The stars shall applaud Him with thunders of praise

The sweet light in His eyes, shall enhance those awaiting
And we shall behold Him, then face to face.

 Oh we shall behold Him, we shall behold Him
Face to face in all of His glory
Oh we shall behold Him, yes we shall behold Him
Face to face, our Savior and Lord

 The angel will sound, the shout of His coming
And the sleeping shall rise, from their slumbering place
And those remaining, shall be changed in a moment
And we shall behold him, then face to face

 We shall behold Him, oh yes we shall behold Him
Face to face in all of His glory
We shall behold Him, face to face, our Savior and Lord
We shall behold Him, our Savior and Lord

Savior and Lord!

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