A Reminder for All

A Reminder for All

RiverWalk Church of Christ Wichita Ks  Minister

It’s been a little over a month since RiverWalk appointed new Elders and confirmed those who already held office. We had a ceremony during a Sunday service where we commissioned the new Elders, and also asked the congregation to commit to them. I think it good to remind everyone just what was said and what we as Elders or the congregation committed to in this ceremony.
First, to the Elders. These questions were asked of them.

Will you serve Jesus Christ as your Lord?
Will you teach and model the Gospel of Christ?
Will you ensure the healthy teaching that strengthens the Lord’s people?
Will you guide us patiently and prayerfully?
Will you lean on the Spirit of God as you equip the church for acts of faithfulness?
Will ou mentor and shepherd the other leaders God gives to the Church
Will you lead us rather than appease us, resolving to keep us focused on God’s purposes?
Will you pray for us when we are sick, minister to us when we are hurting, and rejoice withus when we are blessed?
Will you work in harmony with your fellow shepherds and with the church?
Will you be great among us by serving as Christ did?

Each of them responded with, “With God’s help we will.”

And now, the church’s response. Before the questions of commitment were asked, this was said, “Church, our worship today confesses or belief that God has called these men to shepherd our congregation. Our actions from this point forward ought to reflect that belief and it requires commitment on our part. Brothers and sisters,…”

Will you follow these men in service for the sake of Christ?
Will you be respectful of their leadership and imitate their faith?
Will you support them in prayer and serve them in peace?
Will you lift up their arms even as they care for our souls?
Will you do all of this knowing that it pleases the Lord and shows the world the perfection of His ways?

And the church responded, “With God’s help, we will.”
So be it.

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