Beams of Heavenly Light

Beams of Heavenly Light

RiverWalk Church of Christ Wichita Ks  Minister

”Even in the midst of the darkest rainstorm, beams of heavenly light shine through.” You’ve seen quotes similar to that many times, I suspect. These kinds of things seem to come from either the eternal optimist or the eternal pessimist. One experiences the realization; the other experiences a wishful hope of realization. Then there are those of us sort of in the middle who say, “Well, that’s nice sentiment.”
For all of us, there are days and weeks…sometimes even months and years…when the rain just keeps on coming. It’s difficult to see the beams of heavenly light. It’s difficult to see anything except the rain and the clouds. And for some of us, mental illnesses keep us from ever seeing the beams.
There has been much on my plate these last few weeks, now stretching into months. I thought when I retired some years ago that I would no longer have to feel the stress and strain of management, decision-making, and daily grind. I think God had other plans for me, though, because that’s NOT what has happened.
And I can feel my age in these days. Some years ago, I may have been tired, but I would have been ready to go each day. Now, I have to sort of sit on the side of my bed and tell myself that I don’t want to lay back down…that I need to get up and get on with the day. Some years ago, I would have been looking for something to do if I happened to run out of things. Now, I look forward to those times I carve out for myself when I don’t have anything to do.
Are you in the same boat as I am? Are you looking for those beams of heavenly light? Are you not finding much in the way of those beams? How is life treating you right now? Do you feel put upon, bogged down, and weary?
No, I’m not going to prescribe Geritol (you younger ones, Google it). I’m not going to give you a lecture about how our lives are too busy, and we need to let go of some things and take time for what’s important. No, we already know those things.
What I will do is commiserate with you, and tell you that your God…the Creator of you…loves you and desires that you seek relationship with Him above all else. And I’m going to tell you that whatever it is that occupies your day; however busy you are; whatever you do, do it with the idea of fostering relationship with your Creator. I suspect that if you (we) do that, those beams of heavenly light will start to appear to us, brightening our day and letting us know that we are indeed loved by God.

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