Coming Together

Coming Together

RiverWalk Church of Christ Wichita Ks  Minister

With the rollout of the mission statement, “Loving God; Transforming Lives; Sharing Jesus,” the Elders attached expectations to each of those three legs of the statement. One of the expectations was that members of RiverWalk be active in a class or life group at least once a week.
For many years, we have had adult classes scheduled on a quarterly basis (mostly), and have had several life groups operating more-or-less regularly. We have not had new life groups form in the last few years, and our Bible class attendance is not what it has been. Of course, our general worship attendance has not been what it used to be, either.
Recently, we have seen the young adults class begin to come together in more of a cohesive family unit. They are meeting outside of class time from time to time, are planning an outreach activity (pool party at Water’s Edge) and have grown in number over the past year.
We have seen the women’s prayer-class that meets on Wednesdays morph into more than just a class. It is becoming an organism of its own in a very good way. Women are engaged in the class and with each other. It is a good addition to what we do here.
We have the book club which has begun to meet on Tuesday evenings. Although I am not part of that gathering, I hear that it is coming together well, and serves a good number of our members who remain committed to the gathering.
One of our members has had a regular Tuesday evening gathering at his home for the past several months that incorporates both members and non-members. They have a period of fellowship and food, then go deeply into the Word of God for the rest of their time together. The study time is not “fluff” time…it is deep thought and discussion. They welcome new people to the gathering.
Doug Vile is working to start a Thursday daytime study group that will meet for fellowship and study. He hopes to put it together and have it going in September.
Add to that mix the regular Wednesday evening class that meets in the fall and winter months, and the Sunday late afternoon gathering that meets most Sundays at the building, and we see that we have several classes and gatherings that are outside of the “norm” of what we’ve ordinarily thought of as Bible classes or Life Groups.
I suggest that we are seeing a general morphing of smaller gatherings of RiverWalk members away from the traditional Bible Class/Life Group model, toward gatherings that better serve the needs of those who attend. We need to foster those kinds of gatherings and encourage members to form groups they believe will be beneficial in helping believers better fulfill the mission of RiverWalk, even if those groups don’t look like the traditional Class/Life Group model.
I am NOT saying that we abandon traditional Bible Classes or Life Groups; rather, we recognize that these gatherings fulfill the expectation of being part of a class or life group and fill an important need for those who attend. It is my hope that you will plug in to one or more of these groups this fall, and benefit from the camaraderie and learning that comes from being part of a group such as one of these. Please contact the office if you need more information on these groups.

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