Discussion of the Day

Discussion of the Day

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Every so often, a particular topic of conversation seems to make its way around the church office. We think about it and discuss it among ourselves. Often, those discussions lead to other discussions, bulletin articles, and even sermons and classes. These discussions could easily be called discussions of the day.
One topic that tends to crop up on a regular basis is generosity. What is it? How is it manifested? How do we know if we are being generous? What does it mean to be generous? You get the idea.
Sometimes, the topic of generosity is raised as we are talking about church finances, the budget, cash flow, and those “earthly” things that are necessary even in a spiritual place like RiverWalk. Yes, we do discuss those things. Yes, we are very cognizant of the trust you have given us to be good stewards of your gifts of gratitude. Yes, we try to squeeze every last cent out of every last dollar in some way that benefits the Kingdom of God.
But sometimes, the dollars seem to be fewer than the needs. Contrary to what some (especially the non-churched) might think, we don’t have pots of cash laying around gathering mold. We aren’t squirreling money away in bank accounts that no one knows about. And we certainly aren’t becoming wealthy as a congregational entity or as ministers.
So there are times we talk about generosity. We struggle to find ways to teach the principles of generosity. We Elders and Staff really do try to be good examples of a generous nature and spirit. We wish there was some way we could open up heads and pour in a generous nature that would take root and grow in the life of each one who calls RiverWalk home.
However, we’ll have o make do, so to speak, with the words of long ago. Because if these words won’t move one to be generous, nothing will.

Ten Biblical Truths Regarding Generosity

1. Generous people often give more than they are asked to give. Exodus 36:1-7

2. Generous people give in response to a great cause. II Corinthians 8 and 9.

3. Generous people give out of their substance, whether large or small. Luke 21:1-4

4. Generous people give more than just their money. Luke 10:25-37

5. Generous people give even when it doesn’t make sense. Genesis 45

6. Generous people give to help others, even when they differ from one-another. Luke 7:1-10

7. Generous people give to see the impossible become possible. Matthew 14:14-21

8. Generous people give as a byproduct of their own personal transformation. Luke 19

9. Generous people gie out of their own poverty. Luke 21:1-4

10. Generous people give when others will not. Philippians 4:15-16

Now for the hard question. Are you generous? Do you see yourself in these Biblical truths? Can you tell someone what it means to God to be generous? Only you can answer those questions. Only you can decide if you really see yourself as God sees you.

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