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(The following thoughts, and some quotes, are taken from the book, “Foundations of the Christian Faith” by James Montgomery Boice (pp41-42).
As Christians, we believe (mostly) that the Scriptures are more than inspired by God…they are “God-breathed.” We also have verses in the Bible itself which tell us, in varied ways, this truth.
One of those verses is found in II Peter 1:21 where Peter writes, No prophecy ever came by the impulse of man, but men moved by the Holy Spirit, spoke from God.” We point to this verse to help justify the notion that those who wrote the Scriptures (the Old Testament in this case, since the New Testament had not yet been completed) are more than just collections of writings from people of long ago.
Notice what Peter says about the Scriptures in this verse. Peter says that these writers “spoke from God,” and were “moved by the Holy Spirit.” Let’s look at that word that is translated “moved” in English translations. That word (the Greek root is “phero”) is very significant in this passage.
That same word is used by Luke to describe the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost as the “rush of a mighty wind.” The word “rush” is a derivative of the word “phero.” Luke uses that same word (a derivative of “phero”) to describe what was happening to the ship that Paul was on in the Mediterranean Sea during a great storm. He says that the ship was carried along by the wind in Acts 27:15. “When the ship was caught and could not face the wind, we gave way to it and were driven (phero).” A couple of verses on down, Luke says, “they lowered the gear, and so were driven (phero).”
What Luke was saying about the ship was that it was at the mercy of the storm…it didn’t cease being a ship, but it did cease to have control over its course and its destination. In the same way, Peter says that the writers of the Bible were “borne along” in their writing to produce the words which God intended to be recorded. They wrote as people, but as people “moved” by the Holy Spirit. The result was the revelation of God.
That word “phero” implies more than just God offering suggestions and ideas for the writers of the Scripture to possibly use. These men were “driven” by the Spirit to write…as if they lowered their sails, so to speak, and allowed the Spirit to move within them as they wrote. Yes, these men wrote out of their own experiences. Yes, they used their own words and vocabulary. Yes, they used different sources. The writers were very much human. Yet, they speak with a clarity, purpose, and commonality that is unprecedented over the course of 15 or more centuries from many cultures and societies.
We can indeed know that Scripture is “God-breathed.” God Himself was “driving” the writers to produce His word of grace and salvation to a lost and dying world.

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