For a Reason

For a Reason

RiverWalk Church of Christ Wichita Ks  Minister

Some days at work are more interesting than other days. But each day brings its own issues and also its own praises. Let me tell you about just a couple of things we’ve done today.
The past couple of days, a couple has been sleeping outside near the building. That’s not unusual. We usually have one or more people staying at the “RiverWalk Outdoor Motel” most nights, even in the winter. And for the most part we don’t mind as long as they keep their area clean and don’t have too much “stuff” collected. These people were a man and woman, however, and were people known to us through prior contact.
Our custodian (Bob) came to my door this morning about 9:45 and asked me to call the police as this couple was fighting outside, and there was a knife involved. Bob said he had gone outside and broke up the fight. They were on the ground, wrestling with one-another and a knife was laying not far away.
The police came right away. Come to find out the woman was intent on stabbing herself and the man was trying to prevent her from doing it. After a conversation with the police, they packed up their things and left. I asked the police to tell them they were no longer welcome on our property, which he did.
This afternoon, a homeless man who often comes to the door just to come in and warm up came in. He got a cup of hot water from our coffee machine and made himself some instant coffee with some coffee he had. Shortly after he came in, another man came in needing a pair of gloves. Our custodian had some gloves in his pickup, and gave them to the man. He stayed in the office for awhile talking to the first man that came in. We also fixed him a sandwich and some chips, as he hadn’t eaten in awhile.
In between these visitors and situations, we’ve managed to answer the phone, open the door for the UPS man, read a couple of chapters in a book, study a lesson, read some of the Psalms, do some financial accounting, send a “get well” card to a member, conduct a Thursday morning Bible class, and several other miscellaneous things not worth mentioning here. Such is more or less a normal day for us here at RiverWalk…even dealing with the homeless situation by calling the police is not necessarily an abnormal thing for us. We are on a first-name basis with the Homeless Outreach Team of the Wichita Police Department.
I hesitate to think what might be should we not have anyone at the building during the week. There is too much that happens…too many people who come to our door…too much to do here in terms of ministry and service…to have a building empty and unoccupied during the week. God has placed us here, at this place, at this time, for a reason. We need to honor that as best we can.

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