How’s It Working For You?

How’s It Working For You?

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So, grown-ups.
How’s it working for you? Does it all make sense now that you’re grown up? Or do you immerse yourself in your daily activities to the point that you can’t really think about the wonder, beauty, and fragility of life?
Calvin and Hobbes do the right thing in the last panel…they’re taking some quiet time looking at living birds, no doubt contemplating the very thing that most adults fail to do until it’s too late.
There’s something both soothing and scary about carving out quiet time during the day and just soaking up the view, so to speak. There’s something strangely disquieting about contemplating some of the weightier matters of life, which includes death, by the way. Yet there’s also something compelling that continues to tug at us to get us to stop for just a moment or two and “watch the grass grow.” A beautiful sunset (or sunrise for the early birds). A baby’s laughter. Seeds that have sprouted in the garden. Birds on the wing. Flowers. The heavens. Music. I don’t know what it is that does it for you. All of those tend to do it for me in some way.
Some years ago, I attended a graveside service in a cemetery that was bordered by a busy street. The burial took place just a few feet from that street. As I looked on at the family, I was struck by the fact that time essentially stopped when Jim died. All that had been priority was shoved to the side, and new priorities of funerals, family, and arrangements immediately came front and center.
However, as I also watched the bustle of the busy street, I thought about how life was going on as normal, seemingly oblivious to the incredible changes of life and the stopping of time, if even momentarily, that were going on for those in the family of the deceased. What a contrast that was in that moment!
Think again about your willingness to be quiet…to contemplate…to think about life. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Timeless questions that deserve, and need timeless answers.

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