It Matters

It Matters

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We recently visited a childhood friend of mine on a day trip down into Oklahoma. I hadn’t seen her since high school graduation. A few years ago, I heard that her mother passed away. I went to her mom’s funeral in large part just to catch up with her and the family. Since then, we’ve maintained contact via email (she doesn’t do social media).
As a child, I knew her from kindergarten and all the way through school. She was always intelligent and down to earth. She usually bested me when it came to test scores. It was always a great pleasure for me to once in a while do better than she did. Back in those days, test scores, etc. were pretty much public knowledge…we didn’t know what privacy was.
We were never romantically involved, nor did we even “go out” in the same circles. Yet, as is usually the case in a small town, our families knew each other rather well.
At the funeral, I learned that she was battling MS (and had been since 1998). As you probably know, MS is a progressive, debilitating disease in which the immune system, for some reason, attacks the nervous system. Many people can live long and productive lives with treatment; however, the prognosis is different for each person.
After her mother passed, we were exchanging emails regarding what I do and what she does. She had taken a disappointing attitude toward the church in general, Her specific comment was, “I tried for years, but it seemed like when needed, they could only make a joke, simply ignore, and were never there to support:”
Then later in the same email, she talked of my going to her mom’s funeral service. Her comment hit me squarely between the eyes. She said, “When you showed up unexpectedly for my mother’s funeral, it mattered. Somehow I wish that more people understood what really matters.”
She vividly brought home to me the notion that many times it’s the little things that make a real difference. We think we have to be the Apostle Paul all over again in order to accomplish anything for the Kingdom of God, but that is nowhere close to the truth. We do need to be genuine, caring, thoughtful, available, and willing. And sometimes we are surprised by the depth of our influence even when we do what for us is a very mundane thing (like attend a funeral).
What will you say or do this week that will matter to someone else?

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