It’s Time We Got Started

It’s Time We Got Started

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The current election cycle is filled with the usual back and forth as well as the now-usual disparagement of the other candidate; the messages of the PAC’s as well as stump speeches by current officials from the President on down. Among those groups of voters who are courted by this side or that ideology are the so-called evangelicals. I say so-called because many who are in the political evangelical camp haven’t a clue what it means to be a spiritual evangelical.
The evangelical block is being told in no uncertain terms that unless their candidates win, they (the evangelicals) could “lose everything.” Now, I’m not sure just what that means, but I suspect that those who say that to the evangelical block are using the fear of non-acceptance, the fear of not reversing Roe V Wade, the fear of restrictions on religious freedom, and the fear of out-and-out persecution to marshal the troops and get out the conservative vote.
And it seems to be working. Evangelical voters more and more are becoming radical evangelical voters…voting the evangelical ticket even if they have to hold their noses against the stench that belongs to the candidate on the evangelical side.
I don’t know what you are…evangelical, liberal, independent, or socialist. But I have to wonder where evangelicals place God in all of this. Where is God in their world view? What is God doing in the world in their world view? Is God helplessly standing by, hoping His people will vote the right way? Is God wringing his hands (so to speak) wishing for some kind of groundswell of support for His side?
One church preacher is quoted as saying, “The church must take right ground in regard to politics. God cannot sustain this free and blessed country unless the church will take right ground…” Of course, he means voting for and supporting right-leaning politicians. Now, take what he said into good account. “God cannot sustain…” Really? You’re telling me that God is powerless to do what He desires to do? I’m sorry. God can jolly well do whatever God desires to do, regardless of the opposition He may face from the human race. It isn’t up to us to decide the course of history…God already knows where He will take human history, and is working even now to see that His will is done perfectly and completely.
How presumptuous this man is! How utterly ignorant this man is! And I would use a more base language, except that this is a blog post on a church web page. If I could insert my voice into the “What’s wrong with America” debate, I would say that a lack of humility and a false sense of our own superiority and ability rank right up there with greed, covetousness, and idolatry.
It’s time we got flat, face down in the dirt and appeal to the God of the universe for forgiveness. Forget asking for the right outcome in the next election. Forget asking for the right Supreme Court justice. We have a lot of “sackcloth and ashes” time to make up as Christians and as a nation. It’s time we got started.

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