Just a Thought

Just a Thought

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We’re hearing a lot of words and phrases these days that sometimes get us older folks a little confused at times. Words like evangelicalism, racial divide, social justice, left wing, alt right, and others you can think of seem to permeate the conversations of everyone from pundits to preachers. And the cacophony is deafening at times. Where did all of this conversation come from? And why?
One might posit several possibilities. The rise of the Internet and social media has resulted in an explosion of entertainers who entertain their audiences with political and social commentary. The availability of 24 hour instant news reports, well-vetted or not, tends to make people more aware of what is happening in the world. Society in general is becoming more aware of aspects of it that need improvement. Race relations is just one of those aspects.
So, what is the Christian to do with this “awakening” that has been happening over the last few decades? How is the Christian to react? To answer that question, the Christian should go back to the life of Jesus and see how he handled these same things in his time. Yes, there were issues of racial tension, gender discrimination, political division, and other societal problems in his day.
For the most part, it seems that Jesus avoided the political issues of the day as they pertained to the Roman occupation. His strongest words were for Pontius Pilate when he told Pilate that Pilate would have no authority at all had God not given it to him (John 19:11).
But Jesus did break down barriers of gender and even race (Jews versus Gentiles) in his ministry. He gave dignity to women as well as those of other nationalities. He treated them with respect. He also elevated the status of children, widows, and the poor and outcast. He talked with them, touched them, developed relationships with them, and loved them.
He didn’t march on the capitol. He didn’t participate in a sit-in or civil disobedience. He didn’t go on television to spout his opinion about this or that Caesar or procurator or governor. He did work with people. He did provide food, medical care, and hope for many.
And he did teach. He taught “as one with authority,” and not as all of the rest of the teachers of that day. He didn’t spout his opinions; he told the truth. He never wavered, never backtracked, and never apologized. And (I’ll say it again), most of all, he gave hope…not just wishful thinking, but a true hope that penetrates, blesses, and shines through the darkest of circumstance.
So, what do we who claim to follow in Jesus’ footsteps do with the modern age? Well, that’s up to you. I can’t tell you how to live your life. But I can point you to Jesus Christ. And I can suggest that you pattern your life after what you see in his life.
One more thing. All of this political and societal stuff that seems so very important now suddenly loses its importance when we as Christians realize that this world is not our home. A heart attack, a cancer diagnosis, or an automobile accident will change one’s perspective on what is truly important in an instant…in the “twinkling of an eye,” as the Good Book says. Perhaps we would do better to spend our time in this life preparing for the life to come rather than being so obsessed with the here and now. Just a thought…

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