Life and Faith

Life and Faith

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“I feel like my overall pessimism about life restricts me from trying to reach out to him because something is telling me he won’t listen to my prayers or they won’t make a difference. I don’t know why of all people he could listen to, he’d listen to me. My relationship with God consists of me hoping he sees what is happening and knows what to do.”
This was written by a young woman with which I have a relationship on social media as part of a larger conversation about the loss of a family member to death. What you see above is just part of her response, but is the part I want to key in on in this blog. I can’t imagine the many millions upon millions of people who feel this exact same way regarding their relationship with God. Their lives overall are pessimistic, with no real sense of purpose or movement. They just go through the motions and hope things turn out OK.
This woman is a believer. She believes in God; in His power and might. She also says, “Something is telling me he won’t listen to my prayers or they won’t make a difference.” She then goes on to ask the question many ask, “Why would he listen to me?”
There is, of course, a certain wonder in the notion that a God who created it all and sustains it all would stoop down to listen to little-old-me. That wonder is not soothed any at all by a reading of the Scriptures, the teachings of Jesus, or anything else. In fact, the wonder of it only increases and becomes even more wondrous the more we know and the more we understand about the God of heaven and earth.
But let’s go back for a moment to her pessimism. Could it be that her pessimism is a product of her failure to take God at His word? Could it be that she thinks so little of herself in the great scheme of things that she begins to adopt an attitude of resignation and hopelessness? Could it be that if she could somehow grasp the Truth of the statement of Jesus, “For God so loved the world,” she could be freed from her pessimism, hopelessness, and resignation?
So, let’s see what we have here…we have a young woman who has a generally pessimistic view of life, living, and the future who believes in a cosmic God of the universe. She can’t fathom how that God could possibly have any interest in her, possibly due to the fact that she sees herself…her life…as irrelevant and immaterial to the greater scheme of things. And because she believes in this God, and because she can’t think that He actually pays attention to and listens to her, she just hopes that He sees and knows what to do to make her life and the world bearable until she dies.
Are you living life this way? Oh, now, admit it. You too have often, or even now have this idea about God, prayer, the world we live in, and our outlook on life in general. What can I say to help? Unfortunately, not much. You’re going to have to find out for yourself just what is the Truth of the Word of God as found in the Sacred Scriptures. And you’ll have to not only find that out intellectually, but you’ll also have to absorb it into a faithful response to that God in some way.
Can you do it on your own? No, not at all. But take heart. If you have any measure of faith (or desperation) at all, you can petition the God of the universe to help you and provide you with the wisdom and open heart & mind to take in, understand, and appropriately use what is abundantly clear in the written Word of God. This is the place, I think, to start.
Blessings as you work through this time in your life.

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