Make Some Cupcakes

Make Some Cupcakes

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I started reading a book today called, “Here Goes Nothing” by Kendra Broekhuis. It is, as the cover says, the story of “An introvert’s reckless attempt to love her neighbor.” One of the first chapters describes her decision to pray the following prayer for 30 days: “God, help me to maintain the joy of being wife and mommy amid the daily grind. To see the world through our eyes. To live intentionally. To build relationships and share Christ’s love with our neighbors. To learn what it really means to give. To collide motherhood with mission.”
Now, you might wonder what a man is doing reading a book written by a young wife and mother. I’m not very far through it and already have been convicted by what I’ve read so far. Wives and mothers, even young ones, have much wisdom to impart if we’ll just listen.
In any event, one of the ways Broekhuis had decided to build relationships and share Christ’s love with neighbors was to do a random act of kindness to or for a neighbor each day. On the first day, she left enough quarters at the coin laundry in her apartment building to provide a wash load for someone, along with a Tide pod and a note that said, “Dear neighbor, Please enjoy a free load of laundry. I prayed for you this morning, and I hope you feel Christ’s love throughout your day.”
On day two, her baby was teething and generally being a monster. She had decided to just give up and do the essentials that day, when it came to her to make cupcakes for the neighbor who lived just below them who had to put up with the crying of the baby. She reluctantly did so, and included this note: “Hey, neighbors! You are worth celebrating! You are a beloved child of God, and He loves you so much! I hope you enjoy these cupcakes and feel Christ’s love throughout your day. P.S. I prayed for you all morning!”
But that’s not the whole story. Both on day one and day two, she would cruise past the laundry and the neighbor’s door to see if anyone had taken advantage of the quarters or gotten the cupcakes. At the end of day two, both were still where she had put them. She was, as she said, wondering if the whole pray-and-listen thing was a bust, and that she felt dumb about the whole thing.
Hubby reminded her that she is doing this anonymously. He told her that as an introvert, she relished the idea of her neighbors not knowing who she was. On the other hand, she wanted to know the outcome of what she did. Then he said that the idea wasn’t to know what happened on the other end, but rather to demonstrate faith.
Her comments are worth repeating here. “Faith prays before it crumbles into doubt. Faith doesn’t worry about success or failure. Faith sets down the cupcakes and doesn’t look back.”
She continues. “There’s a whole chapter in the Bible about faith, about heroes of the faith. Imperfect, yet faithful people who chose to obediently give of themselves. People who gave even though ‘they did not receive the things promised…(Hebrews 11:13.’”
This is Jay again. That part about not receiving the things promised struck a nerve with me. How often do we expect some kind of payback…some kind of recognition…some kind of satisfaction in our labor for the kingdom? How often do we feel slighted when someone doesn’t respond as we think they should or recognize us as we think they should? How many times have we said to ourselves that we “DESERVE” to be recognized or rewarded?
We deserve nothing. Christ Jesus deserved to be the Almighty God and Lord of the universe; instead, he “Emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men.” (Phil. 2:7) How dare we think we deserve any more than our Lord and Savior!
Next time you’re tempted to hold a pity party for yourself, remember what Jesus did for you. Remember that faith does without necessarily knowing the outcome. Remember that we are not here to serve ourselves. Make some cupcakes.

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