May God Have Mercy

May God Have Mercy

RiverWalk Church of Christ Wichita Ks  Minister

Once in a while, not often, I will peruse the Facebook timeline of someone I don’t know. Usually, I do so because one of my friends shared a link that came from that timeline, and I’m curious to see a little more about that person.
I am often struck with how much apparent anger and hate is in the hearts of many of these people. Often, their timelines are filled with diatribes against Muslims, Democrats, LGBTQ folks, illegal aliens, politicians, Arabs, and others that they mostly didn’t write themselves, but rather shared from yet other timelines.
I can’t fathom how these people can function in the world with any sense of normalcy when this kind of anger and hate is boiling up inside them on a mostly continual basis. And then, when I find in the middle of all of that some post that identifies these people as Christian, I am even more taken aback. The minds and hearts of these people have to be in such a jumbled state of torment, disarray, and disaster that they just cannot function in any sense of the word “normal” for any length of time.
I have blocked several of my friends on Facebook because of the posts that they share. And it is with some sadness that I do so, but I cannot abide having that kind of vitriol and trash on my timeline. If one has a well-reasoned opinion and is kind and considerate in sharing it, I don’t mind. That’s what makes us stronger as a nation and as a people. I will not tolerate, however, name-calling, false statements, denigrating, or vicious comments about people of one culture or another.
I am reminded of Galatians 5 where Paul writes out a list of the “deeds of the flesh” which includes impurity, strife, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions,, and others. The posts which appear on some peoples’ timelines are stark evidence of the “deeds of the flesh” which are inherent in humanity in general.
The fruit of the Spirit, which Paul talks about following the “deeds of the flesh” list are those which should be in the heart of the Christian and are diametrically opposite those of the flesh. Love, peace, kindness, gentleness, self-control, and others are those characteristics which mark the true child of God, and should be the descriptors of anything you post for the world to see.
If you post on Facebook or social media of any kind, measure what you post against the “Deeds of the flesh” list and the “Fruit of the Spirit” list. Which of those lists does your post most resemble? Which list SHOULD your post most resemble?
There is not place in the heart of the Christian to disparage belittle, or ridicule others, period…end of discussion. It matters not if those in question are Muslim, heathen, black, brown, foreign, illegal, liberal, bi-sexual, gender neutral, Arab, Indian, Catholic, Hispanic, female, or anything else. They are human beings, created in the image of God Almighty, who loves them with a love that far exceeds anything they can otherwise experience in this life. As such, they are due the dignity and respect that you yourself would expect from anyone else. For you as a Christian to give any less is to make those who God created in His image nothing more than rubbish or trash. I shudder to think about what kind of account I will have to give when I am one endless day before the throne of the Almighty, knowing that I have treated some people with less than the dignity and respect they deserve.
May God have mercy on me.

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