My Hope

My Hope

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Some of you may have seen the six inch lighted globe that sits suspended in space on a shelf behind my office desk. Yes, it really is suspended. You can run your fingers all around it and there is no visible or felt means of support. Nor are there any batteries in the globe to run the lights inside, or any cords connecting it to anything.
You may wonder if I have been given the gift of miracles. Or you may wonder if I am using some dark, cultic power from below. The truth is, however, that neither of these is correct. Because if you place your hand on the top of the globe and press down very lightly, you will feel a “pushback.” Brushing aside the long explanations, the globe is resting on, and is lighted by, a magnetic field that is unseen and not felt…yet surely is there. And although there is no cord to the globe itself, there is a cord attached to the base it hovers over, and a lot of electronics inside the base to keep the globe suspended.
The globe is a reminder to me of the power and awesome majesty of God. I have placed a couple of verses above the globe. The verses say, “It is He (God) that sits above the circle of the earth. He stretches out the North over empty space; he hangs the earth upon nothing.” (Isaiah 40 and Job 26)
Paul says that even for those who don’t believe and haven’t been taught, the creation itself should bring to mind God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–so that people are without excuse. (Romans 1) One disbelieves, not based on the evidence for disbelief, because the evidence so strongly points in the opposite direction…toward belief — but rather because of an unwillingness to open one’s heart and mind to the wondrous possibilities of a God of love who has given us all we need and more.
It is my hope that you who are reading this have something in your everyday living that reminds you of the existence of God…and not only that, but of His power, majesty, and love for His creation. Whether it be some kind of a toy globe that suspends itself on a bed of magnetism, or something else, you need a daily reminder of who God is and why He has created you.

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