My Overriding Responsibility

My Overriding Responsibility

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I’ve been doing some thinking this morning as I complete my class lesson for this evening and also catch up on some reading. The focus of my thinking has been, well, focus. What is important? What is not? What should I spend my time doing or working with? What should I consider to be not of great importance in my work? How can I better spend the time God gives me? What is stealing precious minutes out of my day?
If you’ve never thought of these things, you haven’t had much of a life, I would venture to say with some tongue-in-cheek. I think we all, from time to time, take account of what we do and how we do it. Whether it be a vocation, a hobby, daily routine, chores, or whatever, I think we all in some way try to focus on the most important and do our best to prioritize.
OK, this is a church blog. What about church things? What do we focus on as a church? What do we as individual members of the church focus on? What is important to us? What should be important to us? How do we spend our time? What occupies our thinking, time, and energy?
If I read my Bible correctly, there is nothing more important than to love God and love others. Along with that, our divine call to work is to serve others and make disciples, or followers of Jesus. It seems to me that all else rather pales in comparison to these. The trick is to incorporate these into our everyday lives and work in such a way that we accomplish them well while going about the routine of our day.
It is so easy to become distracted by things that don’t matter much. These things seem to clamor for our attention, and are never satisfied even if we devote our whole existence to them. Of course, I am offering below an example or two of just what I’m talking about. (Otherwise, this blog would be just … ordinary.)
If my calling is to love God, love others, and serve & make disciples, (and those things can easily occupy my entire existence on earth), why would I want to spend my time and energy dealing with things that have no definitive answers? Why would I want to spend my time and energy on something that has been debated, argued over, cussed and discussed for decades (or centuries), and still there is no answer? Do I somehow think I am smart enough to arrive at THE ANSWER to a problem that has been around since the middle ages? Who do I think I am?
OK, I’m talking about things such as

Whether to sing modern songs in the worship service or just the classics.
Whether we should have a meet-and-greet as part of our worship services or not.
Should we have one communion cup, or are individual cups OK?
Should we have anything to do with that church down the street that has a different name on their sign than the one we have?
Should women have special servant (deacon) roles in the life of the church?
That church that has a praise team…are they really saved and going to heaven?
Can we stand during certain parts of the service, or should we remain seated through the entire service?
Is it OK to use a modern translation, or should we only use the “authorized” version?

OK, you get the idea. And, you may laugh a little at some of these. But you need to know that there are folks who obsess over these issues. They spend literally years of their lives trying to convince others of the correctness of their opinions regarding these. They go so far as to write books, attend lectures, and distance themselves from anyone with differing opinions on these matters. They even go so far as to not even converse with or have anything to do with those of differing opinion. And those people are right here among us.
I ask again. If my overriding job and responsibility is to love God, love others, and serve & disciple others, why would I want to expend any energy on such as I’ve written above?

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