One Bowl At A Time

One Bowl At A Time

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I was watching CBS This Morning today as I was munching on my shredded wheat for breakfast. A piece came up about a Jewish couple who live near Arizona State University who prepare and deliver matzo ball (or matzah ball) chicken soup to students who have taken ill. Orders for the soup can come from the students or parents. Evidently, the soup is a hit with students, whether Jewish or not. And as you can imagine, a parent who is many miles from the campus would like for someone to check on their offspring and take them a bowl of a reminder-of-home during their time of being laid up.
At one point in the piece, the wife was talking about why they do what they do for the students, whether they in the Jewish family or not. Her response was that they strive to “Change the world…one bowl at a time.”
Think about that. Here is a couple who were presented with an opportunity to serve in what appears to be a very mundane, small way. Preparing a few bowls of chicken soup and delivering them to sick students isn’t an earth-shattering or life-changing event for any one. It’s chicken soup.
But it’s also an act of kindness…one of compassion…one of caring. It’s not the soup so much, I would suspect, as it is the thought that goes with it and the fact that someone cares enough and loves enough to do this for another person. The soup becomes secondary to the relationship. The soup becomes secondary to the connection. The soup becomes secondary to the thought that someone truly cares.
It’s the same with any of us as we go about our daily lives. We are presented with opportunities to do something…not some ground-shaking enormous good deed…but the mundane, the usual, the ordinary, for another person. How we fulfill those opportunities often has less to do with the actual fulfillment than it does with the relationship and connection that it provides.
We often think that because of the incredible need that we see in the world today, as one person there isn’t much we can do. After all, what good will it do to offer a bottle of water to a street person? “Change the world…one bowl at a time.” How will it help anything by our buying a meal for a soldier, police officer, or fireman? “Change the world…one bowl at a time.” What possible good can come from our donating a few cans of food to the local food bank? “Change the world…one bowl at a time.” What will our $20 donation accomplish that we give to the church for benevolence? “Change the world…one bowl at a time.”
How will you change the world today? What will you do tomorrow that will be a catalyst for changing the world? What has God given you that you can use to change the world…”one bowl at a time?”

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