Only Then

Only Then

RiverWalk Church of Christ Wichita Ks  Minister

It’s been raining here in the Wichita area. Of course, that’s not a new thing. Nor is it something that folks in the rest of Kansas haven’t experienced recently. It seems that the rain has been falling pretty much everywhere, and there’s been a whale of a lot of it…enough for whales to swim in at times!
I have to wonder if God looks down on his creation and sees us griping about how dry it is, and complaining that the drought we’re in is going to be right up there with the droughts of the ’30s and the ’50s when the dust blew and nothing grew. He sees all of this, and decides He’s going to give us what we’ve been longing for…and in way too much abundance. I think it may be much like the Israelites of the Old Testament who complained about not having meat to eat in the wilderness, and God gave them so much meat that they gorged themselves on it and got deathly ill.
I wonder if we wouldn’t complain so much about the things that we have no control over, whether things might be a little less severe and extreme. If we would give God the glory for whatever comes, recognizing Him as the Maker, Creator, and Sustainer, maybe things would run a little more smoothly for us. If we would acknowledge the sovereignty of the Almighty…that He can do with His creation whatever He desires to do, just perhaps we wouldn’t worry so much about too much of this or too little of that, even when it comes to the weather.
I don’t know that things would really change in terms of the amount of rainfall, heat, cold, snow, or wind if we began to give praise instead of complaint. Things might continue to to to extremes from time to time, and things might seem to be out of kilter once in a while. But it would be our ATTITUDE that would change. Our demeanor wold change. Our speech would change. And our thinking would change. As Paul says in one familiar place, “Be transformed by the renewing of your minds…”
No, the weather itself might not change, but if we change how we view what He does to and with His creation; if our complaining and griping would cease, imagine how life would be so much more full and rich. We would be concerned about those things we ought to be concerned about, and all the rest would not be able to clutter our minds with useless worry.
Our relationship with our Creator is one we should cherish and respect, acknowledging His sovereignty and power. Only then will we be the kind of created beings He expects us to be.

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