Packs of Fifties

Packs of Fifties

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If you would win a contest where the winner was handed Federal Reserve packs of $50 bills every ten seconds until the winner said, “That’s enough,” how many packs of bills would you take? I remind you that those packs of fifties are each $5,000.
Would you take two packs? Ten? One hundred? Would you let them hand the packs to you for a minute? Five minutes? Five hours? Five weeks? When would it be enough?
If you’re like most people, you’d let yourself drown in packs of fifties. You’d go until you couldn’t go any more. And then you’d wish you had a few more.
The wise man said, “There is a grievous evil which I have seen under the sun: riches being hoarded by their owner to his hurt.” Solomon should know. As the wealthiest King of the nation of Israel in old times gone, he knew what it was to amass such wealth as to cause one to hurt. He knew the trials and pain it often brought. He also knew that, as he said a little later on in his message to mankind, “Exactly as a man is born, thus will he die. So, what is the advantage to him who toils for the wind?”
We come into the world with nothing; we leave exactly the same way.
I think we all could write a book about someone we know who spends his or her life chasing after wealth. Some of us may know of someone who won a lottery of some kind and instantly became wealthy. And most of us can also tell of the misery and problems that can naturally occur when that happens. Life as one knows it stops. It’s now a “whole ‘nuther ball game.”
Then there’s the greed for more, never being satisfied with what one has…always looking for ways to parlay what one has into even more. Just as the winner of the contest has a difficult time saying, “That’s enough,” so we have a difficult time being satisfied with where we are in life with what we’ve been given. It seems there’s always a greener yard in the next development, a newer vehicle in the driveway up the street, and a higher-paying job across town.
Paul said that he had learned to be content with whatever his situation was. Paul had learned the secret of contented living. Paul knew that because he had Jesus Christ, he had enough. He knew that Christ would supply for his every need in this life, and also in the life to come.
Imagine what the church and the New Testament would be like had Paul spent his time amassing more money, power and prestige instead of serving the God of heaven and earth. Imagine what might have been had Paul gone the way of most of us in our greed and material desire. Imagine what our lot in life would be had Paul not preached to the Gentiles.
So, where are you in life? Are you collecting packs of fifties, wanting just a few more…a few more…a few more? Or have you too learned the secret of contentment…contentment in the all-sufficiency of Jesus Christ?

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