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The “Today Parenting Team” posted a blog written by Rachel Macy Stafford titled “Am I Invisible? The Pain-Relieving Response to Being Rejected or Excluded.” The article is well worth the read, and can be found at

But for now, I want to show you some of the comments that were left at the bottom of the article. They talk of rejection in many ways and in many places…one big one of which is church. Christians, we have a lot of work to do to overcome the notion that is out there (with good reason, I might add) that church is not a welcoming place. Look at these comments, and give yourself an unbiased review of whether you are guilty of doing this to newcomers. (I’ve corrected punctuation, typos, etc. but the message is as they wrote it.)

Linda Yuus:
Bravo, you chose to remain kind. 20 yrs later, I still remember the move to Wichita. It was so harsh, because it was always the people who should know & do and able to be better. When she said the group would put together snack mix, I say, ” I am new in the area and would like to come” the answer is forever rude & hurtful… “we don’t need anyone else ” …

Deb Krueger Trost
Shameful…. how terrible of them and inconsiderate.

Sharon Breunig Cooper
Right? Tried to join a bunko group who’d invited me because one time they were short a player. Thought it was fun so thought I might come back. Wrong. “We don’t need anyone else”. Slam. Churches. Book clubs. Little walking groups. It’s so harsh! I hope I’m kinder than that when a chance comes my way!

Wendy Jones Brock ·
I enjoyed reading this also. We have belonged to same church for over 10 years since moving to new area and are still never included. I’ve just about given up. Even though I’m an adult, it is still hurtful. This was great read and a great reminder that we can do better even when everyone around us is not.

Patricia Cook Martin ·
Wendy Jones Brock 12 years for us. 🙁

Katharine Trauger ·
Sharon Breunig Cooper You’d be welcome at our church, Sharon. <3 Jan Veiga Thank goodness they showed you right off that they were not your kind of people. I am sure you found your own type of friends soon enough. When someone rejects you it is more often about their own insecurities than it is about you. It is their lack of tolerance and acceptance that is the issue, not yours. They gave you a gift that day. Sandy Erdman Wendy Jones Brock boy does this sound familiar in our church, where we sing all are welcome, ha. After 15 years, we are still ousted from the cliques as we call them. You can feel if you did not go to that church all of your life, then you are not welcomed to join. Period. Leah Shawn Stevens Hazzard · Sharon Breunig Cooper you’re too cute for that group. 😘 😘 Melanie Rowley · Wendy Jones Brock Find a church that wants not stay at that one again.

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