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It used to be, years ago, that summers tended to be slower, and people didn’t pack in so many things in their summers like they seem to do today.  One could look forward to summer as a time to catch up on things not done the rest of the year.  For students, summer was a time of rest and relaxation (except for household chores or for farm kids who ALWAYS had work to do).

Now, it seems like we try to put as much in our summers as they’ll hold without bursting at the seams.  Our summers seem to just be an extension of every other time of the year when we feel like “The hurrier we go, the behinder we get.”

I’m even seeing some of that in finding teachers for summer adult classes.  Several have commented that they don’t feel like they can take a class this summer due to already-planned obligations of some kind.  They have, though, graciously asked to take a class in another quarter, which I am happy to oblige.

I wonder if in our busy-ness perhaps we need to take more than just a couple of hours or an afternoon as a sort of “Sabbath” from the hustle of living in today’s world.  I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to always wanting to be on the go, never satisfied with just being rather than doing.  Seldom do I think to take time to think, re-connect, and refresh.

There is value, I believe, in reminding ourselves that even our Lord at times “Went up onto the mountain by himself to pray.” (Matt 14:23).  He knew that preaching, teaching, and leading were very important aspects of his ministry; yet he left the disciples, the crowds, the noise, and the commotion of his popularity to refresh, renew, reflect, and reconnect with the Supplier of strength, peace, and joy.  Seems there’s a lesson there.  Maybe we need to heed it.

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