Stop! Just Stop!

Stop! Please Just Stop!

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I have often wondered where the idea that God has been thrown out of our public school system came from. Because, you see, that’s not true at all. God has always been in the public schools, and will always continue to be in the public schools.
“But we can’t have a classroom prayer anymore,” you say. True enough. But does that mean that God isn’t there? Heavens, I hope not!
I ran across a blog post by Scott McCown today that implores Christians to just stop saying that God is no longer in the schools. He also outlines several specific things that can legally be done in the public school having to do with the free exercise of religion. Listen to him. Hear him.

Stop the Religious Freedom Lies by Scott McCown

Every year, no month, maybe even weekly I read or hear some well-meaning Christian say or I see them post about:
• How God is taken out of our schools.
• That the Bible is a forbidden book in school.
• That pray is banned from school.
Please, please listen. Stop! Stop spreading Satan’s lies. God is too powerful to be kicked out of anywhere He desires to be and especially where His children are. Stop blaming the schools for the failure of parents to teach their children about God. Stop. Please, stop.
Amy (my wife) and many other Christians I know are public school teachers and your misinformed posts about the evil of public schools make them out to be pawns of Satan. Your posts are judgmental, harsh, and sometimes wrong.
Parents, grandparents, preachers, aunts, and uncles here are some things the children you care about can do in public school.

1. Have religious discussions with their friends as long as all participating are being kind.
2. Wear religious themed clothing, as long as it is not hateful in tone.
3. Pray when they get to school, before they eat, and BEFORE A TEST!
4. Start or join a before school or after school religious club.
5. Read the Bible during free reading time.
6. Write religious themes in papers when appropriate (Science papers and American Literature papers lend to religious discussions).
7. Hand out religious literature before and after school as long as it is not hateful in tone.
8. Post religious posters in appropriate places. Be sure to follow school policy on permissible locations.
9. Produce religious artwork in class. Schools can display this artwork alongside other student art.
10. Express religious opinion in class at appropriate times.

God will be in public school as long as there are Christians in that school.

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