The Facts of God

The Facts of God

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I’m reading a book called “The Secret of Guidance” by F. B. Meyer. It’s a short book, but filled with true gems. One of the chapters is titled, “Fact! Faith! Feelings!” It talks of the role of each of these in the life of the Christian.
Under the “Facts” part of the chapter, Meyer outlines six facts of God that every Christian should know. He says during this chapter that whether or not we believe them or live like we embrace them doesn’t alter the fact that these are truly facts…they are…they exist. they are true.
Take a look at these six and then look within yourself to see whether or not you truly believe and embrace these facts of God. And just a reminder, I’ve taken these from the book and author listed above.

The facts of God:

1. It is a fact that God loves each of us with the tenderest and most particular love. You may not feel it or believe it, but your lack of appreciation for God’s love does not alter it’s being so.

2. It is a fact that in Jesus Christ, every obstacle has been removed out of the way of your immediate forgiveness and acceptance. God was in Christ, reconciling the world to him, putting away sins “as far as the East is from the West.”

3. It is a fact that the moment a person trusts Christ, he is born into God’s family and becomes a child of God. You have been born again…not of man or the will of the flesh…but of God.

4. It is a fact that God takes what we give, and as soon as we give it. When we let go, God receives. When we consecrate ourselves, God accepts. God took you at your word when you first gave yourself over to Him in dedication. He accepted you immediately.

5. It is a fact that in Jesus Christ we are seated in heavenly places. It is our rightful position in the divine order. Where the head is (Christ), there the body is (the church) also.

6. It is a fact that there is a share in the gift of Pentecost waiting for each member of Christ. The promise of the Holy Spirit is to as many as the Lord will call. You have a share of that marvelous power.

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