The Hallelujah Anthem of the Free

The Hallelujah Anthem of the Free

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When my Lord bought freedom with the blood of His redemption
His cross stamped pardon on my very soul
I’ll sing it out with every breath, I’ll let the whole world hear it
This hallelujah anthem of the free
That iron bars and heavy chains can never hold us captive
The Son has made us free and free indeed
Let freedom ring down through the ages from a hill called Calvary
Let freedom ring wherever hearts know pain
Let freedom echo through the lonely streets where prisons have no key
You can be free and you can sing let freedom ring
 – – – -Let Freedom Ring by William J. Gaither

If you haven’t listened yet to this song, which is now about 15 years old, you need to do so. The words above aren’t the entire lyric. But they are the ones I always wait for whenever I call this song up on YouTube. They give me strength, renewal, and hope.
The theme of the song is freedom…and these words above talk specifically about freedom in Christ…the fact that Jesus Christ purchased our freedom on the cross. And that freedom echos throughout all of creation, especially in those prisons without keys. Prisons of loneliness, despair, addiction. Prisons of guilt, shame, and remorse.
Do you feel it? Do you feel the freedom that Christ gives you? Is it palpable to you? Do you know…really know…what it means to live in freedom? Can you hear freedom ringing down through the ages from that hill called Calvary? Do you let the whole world know about the freedom…the real freedom…that comes from Jesus Christ? What is YOUR hallelujah anthem of the free? Has the cross of Jesus Christ stamped “pardon” on your very soul?
To live in freedom. I fear that not many of us who call ourselves Christians really know what that is like. I fear that for too many of us, living in freedom is a second-class existence devoid of any real joy, peace, or contentment. For many of us, Christian living is a lot like walking through a mine field. We tread very carefully, fearful that the next step we take may be our last…that our lives will blow up with the next footprint. We are afraid that one misstep will shatter what little peace and security we’ve managed to corral for ourselves. We see God just waiting for us to mess up so He can boot us out.
Freedom in Christ is when God clears the mine field. We can romp and play in the field with joy, security, and gladness because nothing…NOTHING…NOTHING can take away our joy (John 16).
Gloria Gaither said the following in writing about the background of this song, “…never has a document of freedom (Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence) had the power to alter the course of history and change human lives like the declaration bearing the bloodstained brand of the Cross. And this seal is burned not on a piece of paper but on the very souls of all who were enslaved by sin. The document is a simple invitation: “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28).

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