The New Year

The New Year

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This being the first day of a new year, it is only fitting that those of us who write regularly say something about either the year gone by or the year to come. I’ve done that before, but somehow I don’t feel up to doing that today. I have other things on my mind today. As my blogging friend Bud Norman says about today, “There are parades and sporting events to be watched, hams and black eyed peas to be eaten, and an opportunity (to) gird for the inevitable avalanche of news to come. “ Today should be a day to enjoy, and also to prepare, I think, for what may lie ahead.
Prepare. Prepare. That sounds good in theory, but if we don’t know what it is that we are to prepare for, how can we possibly prepare? We humans aren’t gifted with the ability to see the future. We can only surmise, guess, and perhaps rely on what has happened in the past to give us clues about what may happen in the future. We can’t know with certainty.
And then for we who are Christians, there is the added conundrum of just how much should we prepare, and how much should we take to heart Jesus’ words when he said, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” It sometimes seems like walking a fine line between not obsessing over the future, yet planning ahead sufficiently so that we can mitigate somewhat the unexpected and unplanned. To find that middle ground…that sweet spot…can be quite a chore in our modern western culture.
And then, this time of the year there is always the inevitable recognition of the march of time. And the older we get, the faster it seems to go. We tend to stop more often and think about where we are in life. We tend to wonder just a little more about what might lie ahead. And perhaps most importantly, we think about an end to this life and what we probably will not be around to see…our now-one-year-old grand daughter’s wedding, for example. To think such things might to some appear to be a rather morbid way of looking ahead. But there is a certain “back to reality” mentality that comes from such thoughts, and a desire to be sure one is prepared for the inevitable time when one will no longer be part of the earthly living.
Indeed, if there is one thing Jesus says we are to be prepared for, it is to be prepared for His return, whether through our own passing, or when it manifests when He comes again. “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come,” he says.
So, as you come into the new year with all of the rest of humanity, do so with a sense of joy and peace that comes with knowing the love, mercy, and protection of God as well as a sense of anticipation for whatever days He chooses to give you in the future. And if you are a Christian, you can also rest in the assurance of having prepared for the eternal…resting in the righteousness of our Savior and Lord…Jesus the Christ.

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