What’s On Your Wall?

What’s On Your Wall?

RiverWalk Church of Christ Wichita Ks  Minister

I have several photos of people hanging on my office wall, along with other photos and papers. The wall of people photos is quickly becoming my “hero” wall. Let me tell you who the people are (with one exception) whose photos are on that wall.
Victor Udohabasi, missionary in Nigeria supported by RiverWalk. Many of you know Victor. He is working in a difficult situation in a nation torn apart by violence, political turmoil, and high inflation, and still manages to baptize many in the course of a year, besides mentoring several younger preachers.
Jessica Peters (now Mateo), firefighter. The photo I have of Jessica was taken several years ago as she was fighting a wildfire. Her face is blackened; she’s in full gear, she’s been working for days, and she’s smiling for the photo. Jessica is proof that most vocations have no such thing as a gender barrier, and that women can work right alongside their male counterparts.
Moses Ogar, missionary to Nigeria. As with Victor, Moses also operates in the same circumstances and conditions. And yet he too baptizes many in the course of a year. He has only average financial support, and relies heavily on God to provide. He makes the most of what comes his way, and is bearing much fruit.
The 8 Oaks girls. These girls, many of whom are now young women, have come through incredible hardship and have had to adjust to a life they had never before known. They’ve done well and have blazed a path for others to come, and we pray they are the first of many to find freedom.
Trinna Heasty. If you were in class some weeks ago, you heard Trinna’s incredible story. Her fall into sin, her life on the streets, and the redemption she found in Jesus Christ was riveting and compelling. It has forced us all to take another look at ourselves and our relationship to the One…the only One…who can truly create a new being out of the old.
Sam. Sam is about one year old and was born to a local couple we know. He has a cleft palate and heart condition. He’s already had numerous surgeries and can plan on even more as the months go by. Sam is a bright, cheerful, and gregarious baby who has the hope of a normal life ahead because of the grace of a merciful God who has provided the means to repair what is lacking. Sam also reminds me of his parents, who have been through the fire, and in many ways still are, yet are trusting God for daily strength and provision.
Boschee and Dizzy. These are dogs…animals. They were especially trained therapy dogs who worked at the Logan County Manor in Oakley, Kansas. God has provided for mankind in many varied and wondrous ways. The members of the animal kingdom are just some of those ways. Many humans owe their lives, their livelihoods, and their well-being to animals. God is indeed great and good.
In addition to these, I have a painting done by a young woman in our congregation who has become a friend, a photo of the Earth taken from space, a photo of Pluto taken in the last few years by an exploratory spacecraft, a couple of miscellaneous papers, and a cartoon photo of Eeyore of Winnie The Pooh fame. Other walls in my office have photos taken by the Hubble space telescope. Each has a story. What’s on your wall? (Stop in anytime and take a look.)

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