When Will We See the Power?

When Will We See the Power

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Lately, I have been reading and thinking about the Holy Spirit and His work. I believe there a power that resides with the Spirit of God. Paul (II Timothy) and other Bible writers talk about this power that resides with the Spirit and is given in measure as needed. This is not a power that enables us to control others or get our way; this power is what enables us to boldly talk about Jesus Christ. It is the power that gives us courage, strength, and enables us to do all things in love. It is also the power that invades the heart of a human being, prompting him or her to give his life to Jesus Christ…while also enabling that person to shun those sins which had been entangling him.
As I have studied, I have wondered if I have ever seen a manifestation of that power? Had I actually seen the Holy Spirit of God at work? And I had to conclude that I didn’t know of any incident, any person, or any place where I had seen what I could fairly conclusively say was a work of the Spirit of God.
But was I looking for the right thing? What was it, exactly, that I was expecting to see? Was it some kind of miraculous thing? Was it some kind of instantaneous thing that normally would takes days or months to accomplish? Was it some kind of apparition or physical sighting of something that would prompt me to say it was in the realm of the miraculous? Just what WAS I looking for?
About that time, I was reading on this subject, and the writer said something to the effect of, “When you see something in the life of a person that changes them for the better and say, ‘How did that happen?’ then quite likely the Spirit of God was at work.” A woman becomes clean, sober, and isn’t selling herself any more. A teen transitions from a surly, bullying ne’er-do-well (I know that’s an ancient term) to one who serves others, puts others first, and submits graciously to authority. A man on death’s door finds not only peace, but healing of body and mind. These are just made-up examples of the kind of thing the author was discussing when he said what he did about seeing the Spirit of God at work.
So, I began to think. And I could see just in the past few years many examples of what could well be the Spirit of power at work. Just in my circle of who I know, a woman no longer earns her living by stripping off her clothes before men. A man and woman who had been living together were baptized and have married. A man on meth is no longer held in bondage by that evil. A woman who spent years on the street is now sober, clean, and working at a good job while working to get her children back out of state custody.
These are the kinds of events and situations that the writer of the statement at the first of this blog was talking about. We tend to attribute such turn-arounds to therapy, medication, meditation, or some other cure. And those are certainly helpful in the right settings. But many times I think we have to look at a person who has markedly changed and just say, “How did that happen?” Then we remember the power and work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts and lives of people today and thank God for His marvelous grace.

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