Why Bother?

Why Bother?

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The thoughts in this blog are not my own…they come from Kendra Broekhuis, a stay-at-home mom and writer. I have re-written and arranged them in more of my own style.
It’s been several decades since we had kids young enough to burst out crying in the middle of a prayer at church. It’s been a long time since we had to stop loading up the car and take one of them back into the house and change him because he threw up on his Sunday clothes. And it’s been quite a while since we’ve had to deal with keeping kids occupied while the preacher seemingly droned on ad infinitum.
So, why did we do it? Why did we insist on bringing our kids to church, when they would rather have napped or played at home? Why did we go through those years, even to the point of sitting close to the front rather than in the back pews? The boys were too young at the time to understand, but as they got older, hopefully they picked up on some of those reasons. Ms. Broekhuis says these things much better than I could. Here’s her top three reasons.

1. Christianity is not just about a personal relationship where you hide in your room and keep your life between you and Jesus. There’s an entire Body involved, which makes that whole “Jesus but not Church” thing a decapitated version of this faith.

2. Church is community when the world feels friendless. It’s family when your own blood breaks down or is too far away to touch. It’s the place – no matter how much our own nation gets it wrong – for Jesus People of every tribe, tongue, and nation to belong.

3. In a healthy church, the sick are the most welcome – the ones who know they need the Doctor. The ones who desire to bring their sin to light and who want to rest in Grace. And that’s not a coming of age thing, but a heart thing.

This is Jay again. There have always been, and will continue to be people who call themselves Christians who, for whatever reason want to have nothing to do with the church. I can understand someone who may have some kind of mental or emotional challenge that prevents them from actively engaging with others in that kind of setting. But for the most part, the folks who shun the church body have no such impairment; they just don’t’ see the value in community, or they have the wrong idea of what the church community is for.
Ms. Broekhuis touches on three very important reasons for community. First, church is a body…not just a disembodied head. Second, church is a place to belong, even when there seems to be no other place for belonging. And third, church is a place of healing and grace that transcends the greatest of need and brokenness.
Those of us who are part of the church need to be certain that these things are present in our church in generous quantities, and that God’s grace and holiness is made apparent in the way we “do” church. For if church is not these things, then church is not what church was created by God to be. And as we are the church, we as Christians should long to always be as God intends for us to be…and be the welcoming body that brings Christ’s healing and grace to the broken.

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