Why Do You Exist?

Why Do You Exist?

RiverWalk Church of Christ Wichita Ks  Minister

Why do you and I exist? “What? Such a question!” you say. “It’s Sunday morning and I can barely function until at least 11:00 and two cups of coffee. And you’re asking me this?”
OK, I get it. But you should have some idea of the answer if you’re at the building on a Sunday morning, ostensibly to meet and worship with others in your Christian family.
According to a man named Alvin L Reid in a book called “Sharing Jesus (without freaking out),” we exist to know God and bring Him glory. And one of the ways that we do that is to fulfill what we know as the Great Commission found in Matthew 28. We tell others, in some way, about the saving grace and love of God.
Notice I didn’t say anything about saving anyone. That’s not our job. Our role isn’t to be concerned with a “body count,” so to speak. Ours is to teach…to bear witness, if you will, of what God does when someone turns to Him and asks for a renewed and transformed heart and mind. Our role is to be part of a team that helps lead another soul to the throne of grace.
It is God the Holy Spirit who convicts and opens hearts and minds to accept the truth of the good news of Jesus Christ. It is God the Son who paid the penalty for your and my sins and conquered death so that we too might live. It is God the Father that saves and extends grace and mercy.
Not only are we part of that holy team; we also are part of a team of people…redeemed people who along with us work with that holy and heavenly team that convicts, forgives, and saves.
There is a place for you. We need your God-given abilities. Whether that ability is to teach, organize, write, encourage, give, befriend, or some other ability, the human team needs what you have been given.
Thank you all who have so far answered the call to work with the thousands who surround this building in the apartments and lofts. May God be glorified as we team up with Him.

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