You’ll Grow

You’ll Grow

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The last couple of days, I’ve been brooding over the words to some of the songs found in Handel’s “Messiah.” You see, I am a member of the Wichita Choral Society, which annually produces and performs the masterwork. We’ve been practicing, and several of the numbers are in my head. I also have a recording I’ve taken off of YouTube and listen to that regularly.
I switch from solo to chorus and back again in my head…with different parts of the oratorio taking front-center from time to time. There is, however, one grand theme: the work of God in the salvation of the world through Jesus Christ the Son.
I’m studying this “story” of the Bible in some depth right now with the book, “The Mission of God” by Christopher H.J. Wright. I’m also using some other literature and have listened to at least one speaker on the topic. Additionally, the Hope For Life project that we are part of uses stories to tell about Jesus. So, this idea of “story” has come at me from several different places.
I think the “story” people are on to something. The Bible IS a story…a story about a God who so loved His creation that when things went south many years ago, He had a plan to straighten out everything and make things right again. That plan was Jesus Christ, the suffering servant and glorious risen King.
There was no fallback plan. There was no need for a fallback plan. The original plan was carried out to perfection. And we can see the “tracks” of that plan throughout the Bible, beginning in Genesis…and ending in Revelation. We even know how things are going to end up. God wins! God prevails! And we are part of all of that!
I don’t know what it takes to get you to start thinking about spiritual things. Is it a song? A certain word or message? Maybe it’s something that happens to you or that you are part of from time to time. Or maybe you look at nature and find that you’re marveling at the plans of God and the way He does things.
Whatever those ways may be that make you start thinking about the story of God, try to expose yourself to those ways more and more…and think of God’s story more and more. You’ll find, I think, that you’ll grow. You’ll grow in God’s grace and in knowledge of Him who redeemed you. You’ll grow to maturity. And you’ll grow in your love for God.

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