Deaf Ministry

All worship services at RiverWalk Church have experienced interpreters for our deaf members and guests. Interpreters are also available for Bible classes, as needed. Besides offering their skills at all church gatherings, our interpreters also work in many of our local schools and fill other community needs. The services are interpreted in PSE and/or ASL. The RiverWalk Church ministry for the deaf has recently become affiliated with Deaf Christian Ministries Foundation of the MidWest (DCMFM). RiverWalk Church will periodically host Mark Lowenstein, who is a deaf evangelist in the Olathe/Overland Park KS area. Mark will come to Wichita to conduct services for the deaf community of Wichita. Check out their website at
International symbol for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Phyllis Hogue was initially drawn to interpreting for the deaf because she wanted to communicate with Jenean Forshay, one of our deaf sisters. In fact, Jenean was her initial trainer in signing skills. Phyllis graduated from the Interpreter Training Program at Front Range Community College. She uses her skills daily at Caldwell Elementary School in Wichita. She signs for some of our worship assemblies, but particularly enjoys signing for children who need her skills in Bible classes.


Melody Manlove took a short class on sign language with Scott Ramsey and Jenean Forshay and fell in love with signing. Following a couple of classes via Wichita Area Technical College, she began what she calls “tiny efforts” at interpreting at Central (first songs, and eventually speakers). After 10 years, she decided to certify. She took a two-year Interpreter Training Program through Cowley County Community College, and certified in October, 2008. Melody does community interpreting through Sign Language Interpreting Services, is a member of the Kansas Association of Interpreters, and is currently teaching an ASL 1 class at WSU.
Scott Ramsey began learning sign language while still in high school. At that time, Cindy (now his wife) was friends with a deaf boy at school. The friend agreed to teach Cindy sign language if she would teach him the Bible. Scott became part of the group learning with Cindy. While they were both attending Oklahoma Christian, Scott continued learning and expanding his sign language skills. Scott also learned from classes at Quail Springs Church of Christ and interpreted during worship assemblies during that time.When Scott and Cindy returned to the Wichita area in 1985, Scott began interpreting for worship assemblies and Bible classes with our congregation. Over the years, he has taught sign language classes for both adults and children. He currently works with the youth of our congregation, teaching them sign language for Leadership Training for Christ activities each year. He has also volunteered his skills at various times for deaf members of our congregation.