Prayer Ministries

Women’s Prayer Class

Each Wednesday evening at 7:00 (with some exceptions…contact the office for specific days/times), the women of the congregation meet together to pray, to share scripture about prayer and to praise God for His answered prayers. We encourage you to join us as we seek God’s will and encourage each other in our Christian walk.

Special Prayer Times

  • Monday mornings at 10:30 a.m., RiverWalk members are encouraged to take a few moments to pray for RiverWalk, to pray for God’s guidance in our ministries.
  • Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m., RiverWalk members normally gather in our own Upper Room to pray for the concerns of our members, to praise God for His movement within our congregation. All are encouraged to join us. If you can’t be here in person, join us in spirit each week.

RiverWalk Prayer Room

Although we are called to pray anywhere and anytime, we invite you to share in our Prayer Room at the back of the auditorium any time our office is open or as we gather for worship. This room has been set aside as a sanctuary from our “daily grind”, our fears of the ever-pressing concerns we face. There are chairs, pillows for kneeling, a list of prayer concerns on the chalkboard.

Prayer Routines introduced by Curtis in his sermon “Prayer as Training for Reigning”.

(If you would like to listen to the recording of the sermon, click here.)