Missions Update

Missions Updates

    • News from Nigeria.  Victor reports that Joseph continues working in North Nigeria, near the continued threat from the Boko Haram terrorist organization.  He reports that one of his students will graduate from the Nigeria Christian Bible College in August of 2018, and another graduate is working with him in a mentoring relationship.  They continue to hold Bible studies and baptize believers into Christ.

    • Russia update.  Natasha and Arkasha are continuing in works that continue to make disciples and new Christians.  They were never able to obtain a visa to visit the USA, which was a disappointment for both them and us. Their work in Russia, especially with young people and with addictions counseling, is a beacon of hope.  They also work with summer camp, as well as conduct what we might call “small group” ministry in their home.  We are blessed to have them be part of our Christian community.

    • Eight Oaks.  Eight Oaks is an organization that has rescued 8 girls off of Lake Volta in Ghana from a life of slavery.  The goal is to work with them long-term as they grow, mature, and become educated citizens of that nation.  We continue to support one of the eight girls financially for the coming budget year.  The girls continue to grow and develop into young women who will be a credit to their nation. All eight girls are together in The Yellow House, learning and growing.

    • Impact Houston.  We continue to support Alvin Perseid in South America as he continues to work with a ministry in Guyana.   His support, mostly behind the scenes, of this ministry is vital

    • The Bridge of Topeka After school programs are progressing well, with continuing emphasis on building solid relationships with children and families.  The “Lunch Buddies” program has expanded to over half a dozen elementary schools, and there are plans to eventually be in all 17 elementary schools. RiverWalk has provided support for some of this expansion.