National & Local Missions

The Bridge of Topeka ~Topeka, Kansas TheBridge_logo_lowFor several years, we have supported an inner-city after-school program in Topeka called The Bridge.  Conceived and founded by Chris Stewart, formerly the minister for the Southwest Church of Christ in Topeka, The Bridge mentors children who live in the inner-city through an after-school program that concentrates on developing Godly character, help with homework, and building relationships with families.It also has begun a “Lunch Buddies” program in Meadows Elementary in Topeka, and has expanded to omany more elementary schools in the Topeka area, with the goal of spreading the program to all 17 schools in the city.  This program provides mentors for selected students once a week, who have lunch with them and devote undivided attention to them for that time.  The program has been successful far beyond the original planning.The goal of The Bridge is to follow these children throughout their educational years, encouraging them to be men and women of character and Godliness.  You can follow them at

The Jeremiah Foundation.  We have recently joined forces with the Jeremiah Foundation, a Wichita-based non-profit, who’s mission is in some ways similar to that of The Bridge of Topeka.  Mentoring, counseling, and other ministry-based efforts take place in Northeast Wichita, in large part due to Josh Barger and the relationships he has been able to develop with families, authorities, counselors, schools, and others.


Emporia State University Student Center

The Campus Student Center, near Emporia State Univesity, in Emporia, Kansas, and operated by the Emporia Church of Christ is another area of support. Located directly across the street from the campus, the student center provides a place for students to do homework, laundry, cook a meal, and generally hang out. It also provides regular Bible study and group interaction with students and church members.
RiverWalk has connections in the congregation with both the Student Center and the ESU campus. We are pleased to be able to partner in a small way with that ministry.