Sole Hope Party


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RiverWalk Church of Christ periodically has “Sole Hope Parties”
When: Periodically – Notice will be shared on Facebook as well as this page
Why: To begin the shoe-making process for Uganda’s children

Shoes That Change Lives

(Update:  Recently, this program has changed to the extent that we can no longer function within its parameters.  We are working to find alternative solutions for footwear in the areas we help serve.)

Shoe-cutting parties recycle old blue jeans into shoe uppers. Shipped to Uganda Africa, the uppers are sewn and attached to soles made from locally recycled tires. Local tailors and shoemakers very carefully craft the Sole Hope shoes that are given out at medical clinics. We cut out shoe parts from denim jeans and plastic jugs. These parties are open to anyone who would like to help. Bring some worn out jeans or empty plastic milk jugs, if you have them. However you decide, you are welcome!

Description with pictures

Learn why Sole Hope was founded and the people that it reaches