Another week

Another week has passed here at the Best Center.  Last Saturday we went to a new mall in town and ate at KFC.  Big mistake.  I don’t know what it was but all three of us got sick.  We had to stay in the next morning and take care of ourselves.  This is the first day I have felt good.  I even canceled some of my classes.  I hope its has ended.  Please say a prayer for me.

We had a little contest between 4 of  the male dorm students and 4 of the female dorm students on learning vocabulary words around the center.  I tested the boys last week and thought they did marvelously, but the girls tested the first of this week and won by a hair.  They seemed to enjoy the competition and learned the English word for many of the things around the center.

Two of my community Bible students took the tests for book 1 and 2 in the series of 6 and scored in the upper 90s.  Most of them study their lessons before they come to class.  They are not only eager to speak English more correctly but to do well in their Bible lessons.  One of them has been coming on Thursday evening to sing with the students here in the Center.

For more information and pictures of some of our activities,  you can go to

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