Another week

Time is passing quickly!  We have finished our second week of studies with our students.  My community English students are all women between the ages of 20 &35. They all have a story to tell.  One was banished from her home when she became a believer.  she lived in a church building where she met what is now her husband.  He is now out of the country trying to earn enough money so they can buy a house.  She is eager to learn English and enjoying learning more about the Bible.  They have been very good about showing up for their studies with few absences.  There are rules about attendance.

Yesterday was Saturday, our day off.  we started the day by going to a new mall.  it’s almost like going to an American mall, but not quite.  We went to a bakery and had breakfast with a mango slush, yummy.  We didn’t buy much but enjoyed looking.  Rode a Tuk Tuk. both ways.  That’s always an adventure.

In the evening, we experienced more Cambodian culture.  most of the people in the house went to a “football” game.  We call it soccer.  Just getting there was an adventure.  The traffic was at a stand still when we got close to the stadium.  Julie finally told us to get out and walk, she’d park.  The game was well into the second half when she arrived. We had to walk a block or two on the sidewalk, among bikes motorcycles and people.  Next, we had to buy tickets.  There were no lines, there were crowds pushing and shoving.  The smallest girl in our group took the money and disappeared into the mob and about ten minutes later came out with the tickets.  She was the hero for the night.  The next challenge was getting through the gate.  Another pushing mob.  That seems to be how things are done here.

The stadium was full.  It was a pro game with Cambodia and Thailand competing.  I guess they are big rivals.  It was a good game ending in a tie so there was a kick off.  Every time Cambodia scored, we got s shower.  People all over the stadium would spray their water bottles over the crowd.  At least we think it was water, unlike the USA where it is usually beer.  It was a great experience in culture and we did enjoy it.

Today is Sunday.  We will be worshipping with the congregation that meets here in a few hours.  We have an interpreter who translates for us through earphones.  It is so much better than having an interpreter up front having to pause the lesson.

Greetings to you all.  Will see you in about a month.

If you would like to see pictures and more information, see.


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