Getting ready for final two weeks of teaching

We helped celebrate Chinese New Year in Sihounettville, Cambodia.  It is in the Bay of Thailand.  There are many beaches there and a lot of foreigners like to go there on vacation.  We stayed at a Villa with cottages away from the hustle of all the vacationers where it was quiet and the view was spectacular!  We swam in the pool everyday and relaxed in the open air restaurant above the pool.  We spent one day at the beach walking and watching people.  Another day we went on a boat tour of three islands and did a little snorkeling. I got to visit with a lady from China on the bus coming home last night.  It just reinforced the feeling that people are the same no matter where you are.  Now we are back at the center getting ready for the last two weeks of teaching.

I have three young ladies who finished the first book of studies just before we left.  They still need to take the test.  Yes, the students have to pass a test before they can continue to the next book.  There are very few who do not pass but it helps to encourage them to study if they have a test.  There will be a few more that will be ready for tests before we leave.

The weather here is beautiful. I am sitting on the balcony watching all the traffic go by.  It is in the 80s, the sun is shining and everything is good.

I pray that all is going well there.  Have heard some of the news and have been able to communicate with more people this year.  That has been nice.  Gwen, I got your comment and enjoyed reading it.  Thanks.  Looking forward to seeing you all again in a couple of weeks

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