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WIN_20150213_195149It has been a busy week.  Since I have received more students, I teach 7 hours a day Monday-Friday.  Last week 6 of them finished the book they were studying and were ready for the test.  I spent a good share of my time on Friday administering tests.  I am administering another one today.  I just sit and watch but need to be with them.  The students from Friday all had good scores, so that made me happy.  Maybe I’m doing something right.  I will give them their tests back today.  They will be happy. They take their studies seriously.

For Valentines Day we decorated cookies for the students.  They don’t often get anything like that.  Decorated cakes cost a lot of money here so we are giving the cook here some lessons on how to decorate.  They are really enjoying it.  We showed the students in the house how to decorate cookies Saturday morning.  Some of the caught on really quickly.  I told my student how I used to write the names of all the students on the Valentine cookies so she wrote my name in English on one cookie and in Khmer on another one.  I Thought that was sweet and brought back good memories for me.  On Friday night we took the whole house (16 of us) out for pizza.  Two of the new students had never tasted pizza before.  They come from small villages with no restaurants.  It was fun watching them enjoy the meal.  They both said they liked pizza.

Saturday afternoon, we took a trip to see the Ship of Life.  It’s a ship that travels to small poor villages along the Mekong River that have no doctors.  The government helps them to know where to go.  They stay for several days and treat the people.  Some of the crew is permanent and some are volunteers from the states.  They live on the ship when they are working.  We were glad to see it and get a tour but it was a long trip.  We thought it would take 2 hours each way but ended up taking about twice that.  There was a lot of construction so it was a slow and rough ride.  In Cambodia when they do construction, they tear up the road and you just drive through it until they get around to finishing it.

Having a good trip.  Thinking of you all.  Will be home in less than two weeks.  WIN_20150212_175454

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