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On Sharing Jesus

On Sharing Jesus This Sunday we will complete our look at our new mission statement. By now it is our hope that this is sinking deep into your thinking pattern, and you are beginning to understand the inner logic of why we have presented it as we have. While it is true that there is …Read the full blog…

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On Loving God

On Loving God By now you should be well informed of what the new mission statement is for the RiverWalk Church of Christ. We have done our best to make it so that this new statement will seep deep into your thinking. There were banners hung in the auditorium, signs posted in each classroom, blog …Read the full blog…

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RiverWalk’s New Mission Statement

RiverWalk’s New Mission Statement Well, the New Year has arrived. 2017 has said its final goodbyes and 2018 is now upon us. As we consider the new year together, and all the thoughts of new beginnings that inevitably go with it, I want to draw your mind to a new phase in the ministry of …Read the full blog…

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