About Our Name

From “Central” to “RiverWalk” Church of Christ

Most of us look forward to a new beginning, a fresh start. Whether it’s turning the calendar over to a new year, or the wonderful smell of a new car interior, or the anticipation of a new job, we usually look forward to a new beginning. For our church family, a name change will offer a fresh start to a ministry that has a rich history.

Our congregation has now been in existence for 105 years. Throughout our history, there have been three major relocations, each one providing the church an opportunity for a new beginning, a fresh start, in a different building. Each move was an open door to something new and fresh. Several months ago our congregational leaders spent time praying about and discussing our future at this location—225 N. Waco in Wichita, Kansas. We’ve been here since 1971…our building needs some significant renovation and remodeling…do we invest in this facility and our ministry from this corner, or look for another location?
Our leaders strongly believe that God is not finished with us at this corner of Wichita. They believe that, rather than relocate, it is time to reinvest in ministry and facility at 225 N. Waco.

Because we are reinvesting in this location, our fresh start will come through a name change. The new name continues to place us in the heart of the city, along the river, and provides possibilities for new images to capture who and what we are as a community of faith.

We are embracing a new name, yet we remain committed to partnering with God in the ministry to which He is leading us. Our name is changing, but our message of hope remains the same: Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. We will call ourselves by something different, but we are still a faith community being shaped by the Holy Spirit into the image of Jesus Christ.